#Shiloh 2020 Day 5: TESTIMONIES

Testimony Time!

Testimony 1

Miracle Job Without Application Delivered on Shiloh Ground!

‘On Monday, I had no money to come for Shiloh; however, I believed God to come and testify at Shiloh. As I prepared to come, I could not find money on me but I still took the step of faith to be here and my transport fare was miraculously paid by some people on my way to Canaanland. After the first night at Shiloh, I found my money that was missing. The next day, I attended the Business and Career Breakthrough class; thereafter, I received a call from Nestle asking me to bring my CV and other credentials for a job with them even though I did not apply for any job at the organisation. I have come to return all the glory to God!’ – Egeomu Meshach

Testimony 2

Brain Surgery Averted by the God of Shiloh!

‘I was here with my baby at Shiloh 2019, Bishop David Oyedepo said, “You will not have any cause to bury your children!” On 6th February, 2020, I went out with my wife and child to get things at the supermarket. On our way back, a motorcycle hit me and my child, on getting to my child, he was lifeless. We tied the mantle on his waist and anointed him; on the way to the hospital, he jerked back to life. However, he started giving a strange sound, we went for test but the doctor said he had cracks in his skull; however, I told them the God of Shiloh is alive. On the second day, the doctor did another test and they could not find any cracks again; also, his voice is now normal. I give God all the glory!’ – Mr & Mrs Sola Oguntolu

Testimony 3
A Land Owner Via Shiloh Sacrifice!

‘During the lockdown, my landlord called that my rent would soon expire. I got angry in my spirit and called an estate agent to get me a landed property. A property was located for me for purchase and I issued a post-dated cheque in faith with no money in my account. To my amazement, I miraculously received an alert of five million naira as I was driving out of the agent’s office. Subsequent payments were effortlessly made by divine grace. I return all the glory to God!’ – Dr
Patrick Omoyemi

Testimony 4

Healed of Fibroid on Shiloh Ground!

I am from a Muslim background. Meanwhile, I had been bleeding since the year 2017. It took me two years to discover that I was suffering from fibroid. I gave my life to Christ and was introduced to Winners by a friend. I came to Shiloh 2020 fasting. On Thursday, Bishop David Oyedepo told us to tell God specifically what we wanted. I told God, “I want my healing tomorrow.” On Friday evening, I felt pressed and went to the convenience, to the glory of God it was the fibroid that came out!’ – Lawal Olabisi .A.



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