*The reason why young people are dying like rats in this generation is because they don’t honour their fathers
*I was less than 10 years when I learnt not to speak against a Man of God
*Fathers are spiritual feathers and their words can turn obstacles to miracles in your life.

We are in a generation where people don’t know who fathers are and they don’t honour fathers all over the world.

Fathers are spiritual ladders on which we climb to see farther.
They are spiritual feathers, which we fly with. They are divine connectors to our destinies. They are not biological accidents in your life. God knows from the beginning why He made that man your father. You can’t question God, otherwise some of us would have questioned, “why should this man be my father?” but nobody has the right to question God because He is a perfect God, He knows everything. He knows why you came through the man.

A father’s word can turn obstacles to miracles in your life. They have the ability to change your life forever. We have biological and spiritual fathers, neither neglect either of them: the two are very important.
For instance, I play the role of a spiritual father. Everybody has either a biological or spiritual father.
To be fatherless is to be featherless, you can’t fly. No matter how fine a bird is, if you remove the feathers, the bird is useless. That’s also how when you don’t have a father, you are featherless.

Spiritual fathers might not give you material things but when they release words into your life, it ultimately makes you a star on the earth.
I pray this morning, every word that will come out of my mouth will turn someone’s life and make you a star in the name of Jesus.
But the value you place on a father determines the virtue you draw from him.
You can’t draw any virtue from a spiritual father if you don’t place value on.

Deuteronomy 5:16, Ephesians 6:1-3

The Bible says we are to honour our parents. We are to treat them with honour and respect even though they may treat us with dishonour and disrespect.
If you treat with honour a dishonourable father, you will find favour with God because you are simply obeying scriptures and nobody obeys scriptures that is not rewarded.

Hear this and hear me well: you have to walk in love with your father because love never fails (1 Corinthians 13:8). Believe the Word and act on the Words you believe. We must honour fathers, obeying the Word as directed. Honour God’s word and not what your flesh says.

For instance, yes, your father never trained you when you went to school but the Bible says “honour thy father and thy mother”.
Maybe he drove your mum when you were young and your mother raised you up, you honour thy father. You can’t because of what happened change the scriptures, the scriptures cannot be broken.

Yes, he treated you somehow, maybe he was the type that he didn’t care for you while you were growing up: “honour thy father”
You can’t change the Bible, you can’t tear that page out of your Bible.

He (God) said, “honour them, otherwise it will not be well with you”
In my short time, I have seen where people take the Bible for granted and they die early because of this scripture. It says it is a covenant with a promise. So you don’t get the promise if you don’t fulfill what the covenant says. It’s that powerful.

I have seen where children dishonoured their parents and everything, they died early.
You will not die early!

This day, youths are dying anyhow than any generation.
They say: don’t mind my ‘Popsie’, I don’t have time for him. Then he dies at 40
“I don’t care about him” – he dies at 50.
Why? You can’t dishonour your father and expect God to give you long life.

That’s the Word of God, the scripture cannot be broken, not even for your feelings. You don’t use your natural ideology to break the Bible. Take the truth and the truth will set you free. If you don’t take it, there’s nothing that can change what God has written. Your ideology does not change the Bible. Your reasons can’t change God. God said, “I change not”, this is what I’ve said, you either obey or disobey and get the consequences.

Don’t walk with your carnal mind towards them, instead honour God’s word by honouring your father.
Say with me: I will honour my father
When you live by the Word and the will of God in your life, you are living a honourable life.


We are in a ‘honour-less’ generation. We are in a generation where people, youths have taken over fathers all over the world. Fathers are not respected because it is Fathers’ Day, it supposed to be fathers and mothers.
Even in your community, youths have taken over. That’s why you see them dying like rats.

They say, the youths are in charge here, no father will talk, no old man will talk here. If no old man talks, then there will be no history because old men are the ones who give history. Young men can have new clothes, old men have rags. If you want rags, you go to an old man.

Young men can talk about vision but old men must tell you about history. So, any generation without an old man is a generation without history.

We are in a ‘honour-less’ generation: people have no honour, no more all over the world. A generation where fathers are not respected globally because biblical honour is not taught any more.

Young people of today don’t hear or know anything about honouring parents. Parents don’t even teach their children honour.

I was very small, I can never forget…I came back from the Anglican Church (because we are born into it) and I came back from Church. A visiting Pastor came to Church, I can never forget. I went on holidays in the village, very small (less than 10 years). When I came back, the man had some spots on his face and I said as a child, “did you see the Pastor, he has spots?”
My grandmother said: stop, don’t ever talk against the man of God.
I was small. I can never forget it till tomorrow. I have never spoken against a Pastor right from small even when I was not born again.
She said: never speak against God’s anointed.

I was joking as a child. Small child, the thing registered in my brain.
Children copy what they hear. They hear about parents talking about spiritual fathers negatively. They see them insult spiritual fathers, so they follow suit. Some people in this generation have never heard honour in Church or at home. Most schools are not even allowed to teach the Bible.

Abraham Lincoln said, “Honour is better than honors”
You know honors is medals, certificates, prizes. It’s better you teach them honour because with those certificates and all the honors, if they don’t know how to honour parents, they will still not live long.

As parents and believers, we must take time to teach honour and integrity to our children.

Exodus 20:12 “Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee.”


Courtesy: Church Gist

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