LOYALTY COUNTS IN MINISTRY!!! – Pastor Bimbo Animashaun


One of the most misunderstood, misconstrued, abused and bastardized subjects in ministry today is the subject of LOYALTY.

Some ministers see loyalty as an attempt by some to build personal empires and castrate people such that they become robots, hence not being able to “think” for themselves.

But the Bible fact is that LOYALTY COUNTS IN MINISTRY and that’s not negotiable!

And here, we’re talking about the principle of loyalty that is situated within the ambit and precincts of Scriptures, not giving open endorsement to what is UNSCRIPTURAL.

The fact that the principle of LOYALTY is commonplace in politics such as it gives rise to “godfatherism” which sometimes leads to manipulation and control does not in any way suggest that it is an anathema in ministry lexicon.

Surely the Scriptures are replete with instances and circumstances where the principle of loyalty was practised copiously without compromise.

It therefore goes to show that LOYALTY COUNTS IN CHRISTIANITY and not only that but specifically speaking, LOYALTY COUNTS IN MINISTRY!

Anyone who says otherwise is being economical with the truth.

The key synonyms of LOYALTY according to many dictionary definitions is FAITHFULNESS.

The greater things (assignments) in the Kingdom are not committed to the GIFTED but to the FAITHFUL.

The Apostle Paul didn’t ask Timothy to commit sacred teachings to GIFTED MEN or BRILLIANT MEN but to FAITHFUL MEN – 2 Tim.2:2. That’s LOYALTY!

By God’s Grace, I don’t know how to polish, package or panelbeat the truth. Truth is that there’s nothing compared to LOYALTY in ministry.

Many instances in Scriptures come to mind here.

Jesus once told His disciples, “Ye are they which have CONTINUED with me in all my temptations. And I appoint unto you a kingdom, as my father hath appointed unto me” – Lk.22:28-29.

It’s there in Scriptures! That’s rewarding loyalty. When some people left Jesus, He turned to the twelve apostles and asked them, “Will ye also go away?” – Jn.6:67.

Simon Peter responded, “Lord, to whom shall we go? thou hath the words of eternal life” – Jn. 6:68. What was that? LOYALTY!

When the apostolic band sought for a replacement for Judas Iscariot, ONE MAJOR CRITERION considered was that the person must have been part of Jesus’ ministry from the beginning when He was baptized by John the Baptist – Acts 1:21-22.

That was LOYALTY as against GIFTEDNESS. It’s there in Scriptures!


God’s reward system is to give every man ACCORDING AS HIS WORK SHALL BE – Rev.22:12.

When we domesticate this principle and transpose it to every sphere of our lives, then we’ll free ourselves from unnecessary pain and heartaches and everyone will be happy.

But each time we violate this principle and circumvent the entire process, then we are looking for big trouble.

For instance, you don’t give the attention you give to your wife to your secretary at work and you don’t give the attention you give to your husband to your boss at work.

When this happens, we violate a major principle in life and the result is not always palatable.

Little wonder Jesus said, “Render therefore unto Caesar the things which be Caeser’s, and unto God the things which be God’s” – Lk.20:25.

It’s very clear. No sentiments here! The principle is that you don’t reward people BELOW or BEYOND their contributions.

Given that you do BEYOND (which is not always out of place), it is from your goodwill and benevolence but IT MUST NEVER BE BELOW!

The double portion anointing did not fall on the sons of the prophets but Elisha, THE LOYAL SERVANT – the one who was following and pouring water on the hands of his master, Elijah – 2 Kgs.2:9,15, 2 Kgs.3:11.

When God wanted to choose a new leader for Israel, He didn’t nominate just anybody but the man who had been LOYAL to Moses’ leadership in the person of Joshua – Josh.1:1-3.

It was this same Joshua that was going about following Moses around to the extent that he followed him to the mountain – Exo. 24:13.

The same Joshua had “read all the books and listened to the tapes” of Moses – Exo. 17:14.
So it wasn’t just anybody!

God doesn’t operate that way. And young ministers should learn this by heart; DOUBLE PORTION ANOINTING ANSWERS TO FOLLOWERSHIP; IT DOES NOT ANSWER TO WISHFUL THINKING!

Remember the story of Solomon and Adonijah. When King David reached his twilight and God wanted a new king for Israel, Adonijah the disloyal son exalted himself but he was cut to size – 1 Kgs.1:5.

It’s Solomon who had the support of David’s trusted and loyal men (the inner caucus members) that eventually clinched the throne of Israel – 1 Kgs.1: 32-40.

Loyalty matters friends! Paul had no other person to send on ministerial errand to the Phillipian church but HIS LOYAL SON, in the person of Timothy – Phil. 2:19-24.

We could go on and on like that but let’s stop there. Again, LOYALTY COUNTS IN MINISTRY!

No matter how gifted or resourceful you are in ministry, if you’re not LOYAL to God-ordained authorities in your life, there’s a space you can’t come into and there are assignments that can’t be committed into your hands.

Kenneth Copeland once told Creflo Dollar, his son in ministry that he had been FAITHFUL and LOYAL all through the years even when some others left, and by that he’s a permanent speaker at his meetings.

The same goes for Dr. Jerry Savelle. He had been loyal to Kenneth Copeland, his mentor for decades and they still do things together till date.

Pastor E. A. Adeboye commissioned the ministries of his sons (Bishop David Oyedepo and Bishop Francis Wale Oke) same year 1983 and same month September, and they’re still much LOYAL till date.

You can’t say you’re loyal when you only come around an anointing to draw and get without thinking of how you can give back in whatever format.

You can’t say you’re loyal if you show open support but you backbite in the secret.

Bishop David Oyedepo once said, “I can’t stand where they talk ill of Hagin”. That’s LOYALTY!

Many years ago, one of Bishop T. D. Jakes’ members came to report how someone spoke something bad about him.

The man of God just responded to the sister, “What then was your own response?”. He was trying to teach LOYALTY there!

We can’t run away from this subject. Things must be done decently and in order – 1 Cor.14:40.

Today, people talk a lot about Bishop David Abioye, but it’s instructive to know that he has remained loyal to Bishop David Oyedepo from the beginning.

Things don’t just jump on people in ministry; many times we have to grow into certain things because that’s how the system has been designed to function and work.

If you have been in ministry for about ten years (that’s even too much) and no one can trace the people you follow in your words, tapes, writings, etc., then YOU’RE NOT LOYAL!

Even Jesus referred to the Heavenly Father constantly (please read the Gospels). Loyal people are not ashamed of those who they follow.

Why will you say you’re loyal to certain graces and anointings without being willing to promote them on your platforms for your own advantage and lifting?

How loyal are you when you as an associate Pastor of a ministry never shares the posts from the ministry but shares every other person’s posts?

How loyal are you as a son, mentee or protegee who has never sought how you can be a blessing to your father or mentor but always draw without communicating back in substance – 1 Cor.9:11?

How loyal are you as a son who, rather than rally round a father who’s going through a crisis in ministry, goes ahead to blow the stuffs out of proportion and also poison the minds of other people?

We have seen this happen in ministry but those who engage in such heinous crime are only sowing terrible seeds into their future.

It’s just a question of time for those terrible seeds to spring forth into harvest of a rebellious generation who will come back to attack one.

In ministry, if you feel someone has entered into “apostasy” after several interventions from credible quarters, then you cut off.

Loyalty doesn’t mean we should support evil but loyalty means we stand with people through thick and thin while they continually maintain their Christian testimony and God brings them into a new season.

The younger generation need to master this principle of loyalty because it cuts across every facet of life – ministry, marriage, career, business, relationships, etc.

With all our getting, we need to get this PRINCIPLE OF LOYALTY right because the future is not far away; it’s right here with us.

May the Lord help our hearts!




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