The misconception of delivering like an Hebrew woman – Ebele UzorPeters

There is a common statement heard among Christians, usually made by some dear women; which is

“I am a Hebrew woman”, or

“I will deliver like a Hebrew woman”

What this statement is supposed to mean is that they will give birth without a cesarean delivery, and that childbirth will be fast and pain-free.

Apparently, Hebrew women gave birth to their children very quickly, and without pain.

However, in the Bible, there is NOTHING LIKE THAT.

In Isaiah 42:14 and Jeremiah 4:31, a woman in labor is described as crying, groaning, gasping, and panting

In Isaiah 13:8, 26:17, Psalm 48:6, Jeremiah 6:24, 49:24, and 50:42, a woman in labor is described as a woman in anguish, gripped with terrible pain

In Romans 8:22 and Galatians 4:19, labour is described painful birth pangs;as a travail that causes groaning.

Even in Revelation 12:2, that symbolic woman who gave birth to a Child that will rule Heaven and Earth, whom the dragon wanted to destroy – that woman (who represents Old Testament Israel – compare Rev 12:1 with Genesis 37:9-10) was described as crying out with labor pains

In John 16:21, Jesus said “A woman, when she is in labor, has sorrow because her hour has come; but as soon as she has given birth to the child, she no longer remembers the anguish, for joy that a human being has been born into the world.

In fact, Hebrew women had painful labor just like anyone else, and some even died from complications during the birthing process; such as Rachel (Gen 35:16-19), Jacob’s second wife. Phinehas’ wife too (1 Sam 4:19-20).

Depending on the cause of such difficult labor; maybe, just maybe, a Cesarean section might have helped.

How about Jabez? Remember The Prayer of Jabez -Jabez? That prayer is in 1 Chronicles 4:10. In verse 9, the Bible tells us his mother called him Jabez because of how much pain she passed through when he was born.

So to confess that you will give birth like a Hebrew woman is to confess that you will give birth like a Nigerian woman or a Sri Lankan or Punjabi woman

Nothing special.

So, from where does this misconception arise? It arises from the story of 2 Hebrew midwives during the days when Israelites were still slaves in Egypt. The ruler of Egypt, Pharaoh, wasn’t happy with how the Israelites were multiplying in number. He gave a decree that all newborn baby boys must be killed.

He told the midwives “if it’s a girl, let her live; but if it’s a boy, KILL HIM!”

Well, after a little while, the report was that the number of the Israelites was still on the rise, and so he called those 2 women and asked them

“Wetin they precipitate? I don’t want to combostulate!…..Have you been killing the baby boys????!!!!”

They said “Kabiyesi, No Sir”

He asked them “Ehn….WHYYYY???!!!”

They said “Sir. Hmmm! Those Hebrew women are not like Egyptian women o. When they fall into labour…Skri skri skri paaaapaaaa! They have delivered! Before we get there to assist them, they have already given birth and hidden the baby. Hebrew women give birth sharpaly sharpaly!”

Pharaoh said “Wow. Maaaad oooooh! Don’t worry I will find another way to get them get them get them. Eyin le ma lo fun ‘ra yin. That is, you can now come and be going”

NEWSFLASH: Those 2 women WERE telling Pharaoh pure and unadulterated boboraps. Iro nla. LIES. Nothing was giving birth fast anything. They were LYING baje baje.

The story is there in Exodus 1:12-22, inside your Bible

Verse 16, Pharaoh says SEE THEM, KEE DEM!
Verse 17, Shiphrah and Puah see them and don’t kee them
Verse 18, Pharaoh says WHY ARE DEM BOYS STILL LIVING?
Verse 19, they say “Sir, we don’t see them Sir oh. Hebrew women nor dey kare las.”

You see am? They nor see who? Lies.

So, when you say “I will give birth like a Hebrew woman”

You have said NOTHING o.

Nothing special.

Isaiah 66:7-8 speaks of giving birth quickly and painlessly, and asks “WHO HAS EVER HEARD OF SUCH A STRANGE THING?”

It was strange to hear of such, in Israel.

But THIS IS one good word-basis for confessing a supernatural childbirth, rather than

“I am a Hebrew woman”

You don’t need to be a Hebrew woman to exercise your faith in enjoying the blessing in Christ that nullifies every curse in Adam. In Him, there is no Jew or Hebrew or Gentile.

Romans 10:12

See also 1 Corinthians 12:13, Galatians 3:28, and Colossians 3:12

There only is, a new creature.

So, Isaiah 66:7-9?

Confess that.

Good evening.

P.S. This has been written largely for the Christian reader who is culturally Nigerian, especially of southern extraction. There are no expressions as ‘sharpaly’ or ‘skri paapaa’ in the English language.



2 thoughts on “The misconception of delivering like an Hebrew woman – Ebele UzorPeters

  1. This is so educative. It is not all Hebrew women that have stress free delivery, just like women in all nations. From now when I say that prayer, I will be specific. I will ask for d release of d grace upon d Hebrew women in their days in Egypt n ask to deliver like them. Thanks so much for this revelation.

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